Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct + Sculpt Serum

My Chics just a  few months ago he discovered the benefits of daily use of #serum, I can say that my face is notable changes, there is a before and after you start using it. . After using AGE REVERSE Total Correct + Sculpt serum Exuviance I affirm that it is one the best decisions […]

Neutrogena®Rapid Repair Wrinkle

Hello my chics, I associated with Neutrogena® to bring this publication, I received the new Rapid Repair Wrinkle cream weeks ago, I used it for 7 days and on my face I noticed the change almost immediately, the cream contains hyaluronic acid and retinol that helps to make my face look younger and stay hydrated. In […]

Argan Oil 5 in 1 Leave In Spray

  Hola mis chic, no se si les pasa pero el dia a dia, te obliga prácticamente a tener muy poco tiempo para ti , por eso he optado por usar productos que simplifiquen mis días y que además me aporten beneficios,  por eso hoy les quiero recomendar Argan Oil 5 in 1 Leave in […]

Simplicity Skin Care

Hello my chic, in this post I’m going to confess something, -laugh- I do not always do my skin care routine, sometimes in the morning I leave very fast or at night I’m very tired, which I always do it is to sleep with a clean face, I remove all the makeup even with a […]

The wonder of using Dry Shampoo Hask

My chics this post will charm you as much as me, if you follow me in my social medias for some time you’ll know that I’m a fan of dry shampoo, my hair is extremely greasy and I never get used to washing it every day because I think it gets opaque and dry. Then […]