My chics this post will charm you as much as me, if you follow me in my social medias for some time you’ll know that I’m a fan of dry shampoo, my hair is extremely greasy and I never get used to washing it every day because I think it gets opaque and dry.

Then imagine how happy I was when dry shampoo came to my life, my days became easier and my hair thanked me.

I recently received the dry shampoo Hask, you do not know how delighted I am with this product, when I make curlers I would like my hairstyle to last longer, but with the grease from my hair it seemed an impossible task until I started to use Shampoo Dry Hask Its smell Is the maximum, I chose it with coconut fragrance and is spectacular, it is transparent, therefore, only with my fingers I can rub in my roots and ready the hair clean again, without dryer. And as if it were little is a free of sulfate, parabens, gluten and colors, that is to say it is totally natural.

It’s smell is the most attractive for me, it is not very strong or very soft, it is the perfect note not to disturb you. When using it with my curly hair not only makes my hairstyle last longer but also gives me a little more volume.

If you do not know how to use dry shampoo I leave a post here where I explain the step by step. Dry Shampoo la magia para tu cabello.

The Hask brand is fabulous and you can find it in all Ulta Beauty stores, that is, there are no excuses for not having beautiful hair.

If they use it I will be happy to know their experiences.


Alejandra Comini






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  1. I would like to use that dry shampoo! I love the review, I wish I could find it here! For those days I don’t wanna wash my hair. Sometimes, I’m so lazy to do it!

    Paola Urbano.

  2. Me encanta, lo necesito de veedad se ve excelente este producto . …Tu cabello esta precioso Ale.Amé las fotos super bellas. Besos amore

  3. Que buen tips! Yo soy de cabello graso… Aunque no salga de casa y haya buen clima igual es graso 😬😬😬 así que buscaré este producto que me parece genial!! … Por cierto, me encanta como te quedo el cabello!

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