Hello my chics, I’m excited to tell you my collaboration with evian® Facial Spray for this summer.

Living in Miami means sun and heat most of the year but in summer you have to be prepared for hotter days, so I joined evian® Facial Spray to keep my face hydrated and cool off from the summer heat.

Evian® Facial Spray  helps me keep my face hydrated and the summer signs are noticeable on my tan and not on my dehydrated skin.

Its practical presentation allows me to take it wherever I go this summer, to the beach, to the park, to the pool, wherever.

That’s why I invite you to follow @evianspray and tag two friends in any of @evianspray’s posts to win» these incredible prizes

Three winners will win The Ultimate Beach Essentials:
Mark and Graham Sunburst Beach Tote in Blue
Havaianas Mini Tote in Purple
Sand Cloud Beach Towel – Iris pattern
Evian® Facial Spray Product Assortment 1- 10 oz, 2-5 oz., 3- 1.7 oz.

See you in a next post!


Alejandra Comini




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